Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit


  • Kit includes 1 x Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device, 1 x Peeling attachment
  • Soothe and revitalise
  • Remove dead cornified cells.
  • From Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Serie
  • Beauty studio at home
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit

    Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit makes your face shine!

    Your skin renews itself about every 28 days! The dead skin cells quickly make your complexion look pale and tired.

    Exfoliating is one of the best ways to get an absolutely clear skin. The Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit works with ultrasound vibrations, which act upon skin contact, effectively removing dirt, whiteheads, dead skin cells of the cornified layer of the epidermis and excess sebum on the surface.

    Face Exfoliation works best if you do it regularly and integrate it into the natural regenerative processes of the skin. Your skin constantly regenerates. By forming new basal cells in the lowest layer of the epidermis, the cells above are continuously pushed upwards, where they slowly dry out, cornify and form the top layer of the skin.

    Every day, the skin sheds up to 14 grams of dead cornified cells. You can remove these by regularly using the Zeitgar Pro Face Peeling Kit every 2-3 days. This prevents the build-up of dirt in the sweat pores.

    Use the Face Peeling Kit 2-3 times a week as an alternative to the Face Cleansing brush to remove old skin cells and make your face shine!


    How To use

    Prepare your skin by manually cleaning it with the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream – this is not essential, but the harungana extract in the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream is known to support the regeneration of the skin and improve its appearance.

    Generously dampen your face with water or the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner. The water will improve the detox effect.

    Useful: if you use the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner, you’ll be able to see which sections of your face you have already treated.

    Move the Face Zeitgard Pro Peeling Kit at a 45° angle from the nose towards the edges of your face. Work through all sections of your face in turn.

    Lr Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Device in use

    Wherever you encounter more “blackheads”, increase the pressure slightly and slide the device over that section a few times.
    Complete your exfoliation treatment by applying more Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner. This will soothe your skin, revitalise it and re-establish the skin’s natural protective acid mantle.


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    What is the difference between professional devices used by cosmetologists and the Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit?

    Ultrasound treatments have become an integral part of modern cosmetic procedures. Ultrasound has the power to send highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin, and the body’s own collagen production is stimulated.

    With the help of ultrasound, active substances from serums and creams can be channelled to deeper layers of the skin. This allows the skin cells to absorb and store more moisture. In addition, ultrasound acts as an “internal massage” – all of which makes the skin appear young and fresh.

    The higher the Hz number, the smaller the waves. Ultrasound used for skin treatments in beauty parlours is usually at around 1,000 kHz (= 1 MHz / megahertz). In order to reach the upper layers of the facial skin, up to 3 MHz or more is sometimes used.

    The Zeitgard Pro Face Peeling Kit uses 25 kHz to remove the upper skin layers. The professional cosmetologists’ devices work at a rate of between 20 and 30 oscillations per minute.


    What happens when I use the Face Peeling Kit the other way round?

    If you turn the Face Peeling kit, you will reduce the effect and it will no longer exfoliate. Some ultrasonic devices on the home use market utilise this reduced frequency for the application of active ingredients.

    That does work. However, we recommend using the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit for this, because its frequency of 1 MHz channels the active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.


    Can I also use the Face Peeling Kit if I have acne or severely stressed skin?

    It can be used on practically every skin type and almost every skin condition – acne, couperose, atopic dermatitis and extremely sensitive skin. It is also ideal for people who live in big cities, where greater air pollution negatively affects the skin.

    The exfoliating function not only cleanses the skin, in also activates lymphatic flow and stimulates the blood flow. The result: wrinkles appear reduced and impurities are gently eliminated.

    Acne scars that are no older than 1 year can also be treated with the device. However, you should be extra-careful when treating skin with open wounds.


    My Face Peeling Kit is making unpleasant noises. Is it broken?

    Humans cannot actively hear ultrasound however, when ultrasound meets resistance, for example on dirt, the sound changes and can be perceived as a strange and unpleasant noise.

    Some users have reported hearing this unpleasant noise when using the device nearer the ears. This may be unpleasant, but it is in no way health-damaging. However, please remember to remove rings, glasses or hearing aids before using the device.

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