Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Set


  • Set includes a Zeitgard Pro, Adapter, Brush and Cleansing Cream
  • Cleans up to 10 times more effectively than manual cleansing
  • Achieves a refined and smoothed complexion
  • Suitable for daily facial cleansing
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Set

    Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Set For Gentle Face cleaning

    The conventional manual cleansing often leaves the finest particles of dirt and make-up residue on our face. The Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Set optimizes our daily facial cleansing, leaving only pore-deep clean skin with a “wow” effect.

    Hundreds of innovative brush filaments (bristles) glide over the skin, removing residue that can clog the pores and make the complexion look pale. The daily treatment effectively cleanses the skin and refreshes the complexion. Its effectivity is proven to be up to 10 times higher than manual cleansing. *


    How To use

    Ideally, you should start the day with the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush Set. Start by dampening your face and applying your Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream. The Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream has been designed to work perfectly with the Face Cleansing Brush.

    The oscillating movements of the device create a soft foam that gently and effectively removes dirt and surplus sebum. The Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream goes easy on the natural protective layer of the skin and, in combination with the Face Cleansing Brush, is 10 times more effective than manual cleansing.

    Fit the Cleansing Brush adapter and then the Face Cleansing Brush onto your device. The antibacterial, rounded brush filaments of the Face Cleansing Brush move back and forth at lightning speed, similar to an electric toothbrush, and give your skin a deep cleanse that is nonetheless gentle. Switch your Zeitgard on and use the Face Cleansing Brush to gently treat the desired sections of your face.

    It’s up to you for how long and with how much pressure you move the brush over your face. Should the sensation be unpleasant, reduce the pressure or move on to the next section of your face.

    The oscillating, vibrating movement of the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush stimulates the blood flow, making your skin radiate and appear healthy. Complete your cleansing routine with the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner. Your skin is awake now and ready for your daily care routine.

    In the evening, you should cleanse each section of your face for 20-30 seconds, depending on the make-up you have used.

    Once again complete your cleansing routine with the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner, which will allow any night creams you use to take full effect on your thoroughly clean skin.

    We recommend that you swap the Face Cleansing Brush for the Face Peeling Attachment for an intense detox twice a week.

    The Result:

    • Improved skin texture through deep cleansing
    • Better preparation for further care steps
    • Fresh complexion after stimulation of the blood circulation

    The antibacterial Microsilver technology in the brush filaments is unique: it keeps the brush hygienically clean for up to 3 Months

    Experience the effect of effective cleaning with the Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush for timeless beauty.

    *According to a scientific study carried out by the renowned Dermatest Institute GmbH. Application period: 6 weeks (end of January to beginning of March 2015), number of subjects: 40


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    What are the advantages over classic face cleansing?

    By using the Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush, the skin is up to 10 times more efficiently cleansed. Even the impurities in the deeper areas of the epidermis (wrinkles, pores, etc.) can be removed better. At the same time, your skin benefits from the gentle massage function, which stimulates blood flow, making it look fresher and healthier. The stimulation of the connective tissue cell growth has a minor firming effect. In addition, by removing the excess sebum and the dead skin cells, the normal function of the edepidermis is restored. Any dirt residue on the epidermis can be effectively removed. Afterwards, your face care products can unfold their action deeper and better.


    What is the exact difference to other cleansing devices?

    We basically compare devices according to their rotating or oscillating movements. While most brushes move in a rotating manner over the skin, our oscillating brushes vibrate at high speed (more than 1000 times a minute) back and forth. This makes a great difference for the skin: The frequency used here, cleanses without irritating the skin. Other techniques (eg rotation) focus on one direction. In addition, the unique Microsilver technology reasures that the face brush stays hygienically safe.


    Who is the Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Set suitable for?

    The Zeitgard Pro Cleansing System can be used by men and women regardless of age. Almost everyone can use the device and improve their care program. However, it is not recommended for children or people with dermatologically sensitive skin. In case of doubt, consult your dermatologist before using.


    Can I use the device daily or several times a day?

    The combination of the Zeitgard Pro cleansing device and the Zeitgard Pro cleansing products is specifically designed to be used on a daily basis. Nevertheless, you should observe your skin during and after application. In the beginning, occasional, mild skin reactions can be expected, but they recede quickly. The initial reactions that may arise prove the effectiveness of cleansing and indicate a successful outcome.

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