Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set


  • High-tech device with advanced technologies such as ultrasound and oscillation
  • With four professional beauty attachments for face and body
  • Easy change of attachments via click function
  • Beauty studio at home
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set

    Zeitgard Pro Skin Care set for timeless Beauty

    Let’s stop time with our salon-level care system!
    Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set is a combination of innovative technologies, effective care agents, unique textures and top quality “Made in Germany”, for lasting results that ensure that we don’t suffer the visual effects of old age but become more beautiful.

    The Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set is outstanding high-tech device that combines advanced technologies such as ultrasound and oscillation with four different beauty attachments in professional institute quality.

    When changing the attachments, the smart device recognizes which technology is being used.


    Set Include:

    Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device:
    Lr Zeitgard Pro is an individually adaptable, scientifically designed and nonetheless simple cleansing and care system that tends to both age-related and individual skincare needs.


    Face Cleansing Attachment: Professional cleaning Attachment with oscillation.
    It can be used for your daily morning face cleansing, but also in the evening to rid your face of make-up and dirt. Cleansing your face thoroughly is a prerequisite for an effective face care. Because only clean, clear skin can really absorb the precious ingredients of the care products you subsequently apply.


    Face Peeling Attachment: Intensive peeling Attachment with ultrasound.
    Peeling is one of the best ways to get an absolutely clear skin. The Face Peeling Attachment works with ultrasound vibrations, which act upon skin contact, effectively removing dirt, whiteheads, dead skin cells of the cornified layer of the epidermis and excess sebum on the


    Face Smoothing Attachment: Effective anti-aging Attachment with ultrasound
    The ultrasonic vibrations act like passive contour training for your facial muscles, bring sunken skin areas back into shape, promote blood flow, actively stimulate the slowed-down bioprocesses of the tissue and double the body’s own collagen and elastin formation. Your skin becomes firmer and more toned. The skin’s elasticity increases, and connective tissue is tautened. Laughter lines and dry wrinkles are reduced.


    Body Massage Attachment: Firming body massage Attachment with ultrasound and vibration
    The Body Massage Attachment in the Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set has been primarily designed to tauten the skin on your upper arms, stomach, legs and bottom. We recommend the Body Skincare Attachment to women from the age
    of 25 who wish to have a smooth skin without signs of cellulite (orange peel skin) – it tautens the skin, gives it firmness and promotes the body’s natural ability to eliminate pollutants via the vascular and lymphatic system.


    Zeitgard Firming Body Cream:
    The firming body cream with active substance transport system contains an encapsulated active substance that firms the skin and reduces skin roughness. It rebuilds the skin’s natural collagen structure, moisturizes and binds it in the skin. Panthenol and vitamin E strengthen your barrier function, hyaluronic acid visibly plumps it up. The skin has more elasticity and resilience and feels silky and smooth.


    Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Cream:
    Cleansing Cream in the Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Set gently but thoroughly cleanses the facial skin in combination with the Face Cleansing Attachment. The delicate cream with Harungana extract supports skin regeneration and improves its appearance. The result: a revitalized, gently matted complexion.


    Zeitgard Pro Facial Toner:
    The facial toner clarifies and soothes the skin after treatment with the cleansing brush or cavitation peeling. It strengthens the skin’s natural protective function with zinc, allantoin and panthenol and has an invigorating effect thanks to Harungana extract. The alcohol-free formula is suitable for all skin types and restores the skin’s natural pH value.

    Cosmetic device for home use with interchangeable attachments, patent pending in Germany: Patent no.: 10 2022 200 747.6


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    What are the first steps?

    Discover your new Zeitgard Pro – start by unpacking all its components. Your Zeitgard Pro comes pre-charged so that you can test its functions straight away. However, we recommend you fully charge your Zeitgard Pro before you start using it. This takes approx.
    24 hours. Connect the USB cable to the power adapter and plug it into a socket. Then place the device in the charging station.


    How do I switch on the device?

    Gently press the button on the front of the device for roughly one second to switch it on. You do not need to press the button hard. In order to prevent the device from being accidentally switched on, for example if it is lightly pressed during transport in a bag or suitcase, your Zeitgard Pro has been programmed in such a way that a brief touch is not sufficient to switch it on.
    Before use, place an attachment onto the handpiece. Without an attachment, the display will only briefly light up blue, and the device will switch itself off again immediately.


    How can I see if the device is switched on?

    When you switch on the device, it emits a sound, and the LED lights up. An illuminated display / button indicates that the device is switched on. Once switched on, the display around the button on your Zeitgard Pro will glow green permanently if the battery is fully charged. Don’t worry if you can’t hear the device making a sound when you have attached the Smoothing or Peeling Attachment. The Face Smoothing Tool and the Face Peeling Attachment work with ultrasound – we humans can’t perceive ultrasound unless it encounters resistance. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, are more sensitive so, tell your pets to leave the bathroom.


    The button glows blue?

    The display flashes blue if you try to switch on the Zeitgard Pro without an attachment. The device then immediately turns itself off again. Place the attachment you wish to use on the handpiece.


    The button glows green?

    Your Zeitgard Pro is switched on and fully charged. Enjoy!


    The button glows orange?

    Your Zeitgard Pro is switched on, but the battery is less than 40 % charged. Whenever the charge reaches this level, the button colour changes to orange. You can still use your Zeitgard Pro without experiencing any performance issues. However, you should charge it


    The button glows red?

    Your Zeitgard Pro is on, but the battery is less than 15 % charged. Please charge your Zeitgard Pro.


    Does the device automatically switch off when not in use?

    Yes, after 3 minutes, your Zeitgard Pro will switch off automatically. This conserves battery power, because using the Zeitgard Pro generally takes no more than 3 minutes, and your device assumes you simply forgot to turn it off. But you can turn your Zeitgard Pro back on
    again after a few seconds. No problem!
    When using the Body Skincare Attachment, you should only apply cream to a localised area and then immediately massage it into your skin with the device. If you wait too long, the body cream will have already absorbed and can no longer act as a lubricant for the massage.
    Should your device automatically turn off unexpectedly after intense use and refuse to switch back on, don’t worry! Your Zeitgard Pro is not broken! It has merely engaged its internal “protection mode”. Please wait 1-2 minutes before restarting your Zeitgard Pro.


    How do I switch off the device?

    To switch off the device, gently press the button on the front for roughly one second, just like you do to switch it on. Should you put the device down without switching it off, it will automatically switch itself off after 3 minutes.


    Are there different intensity levels I can choose when using the device? Or is there a timer?

    No, you won’t need either. Using the device is really simple: there is a different intensity level for each application. By adjusting the duration of the application and the pressure you exert, you can adapt each tool to your personal needs. The device automatically recognises which attachment you are using and adjusts the settings accordingly. The Face Peeling Attachment, for instance, uses an ultrasonic frequency of 25 kHz, ideal for face cleansing. Whereas the Body Skincare Attachment and The Face Smoothing Attachment use a frequency of 1 MHz to generate the necessary deep action.

    Everybody’s skin structure is fundamentally the same. However, individual skin layers vary in form depending on age, sex and lifestyle. In addition, the perception varies from person to person. Which is why the effects are hard to define. It’s up to you to individually “control” them.
    We recommend: Listen to your skin, see how it reacts and use your
    Zeitgard Pro the way that feels most pleasant to you! However, to offer you some guidance, we suggest approximate usage times purely as a benchmark!


    How can I change the attachments?

    The Attachments are easy to change. Press the button on the rear of the device and pull off the attachment. To fix a new attachment to the handpiece, slide the attachment along the guiding grooves into the opening until it snaps into place. You will hear a soft “click”. You may need to gently press down the attachment to make it snap into place.

    Do not apply too much pressure. To remove the attachment again, press the button on the rear of the handpiece and simultaneously pull the attachment off your device.


    How long does the battery last? How often can I use the Zeitgard Pro on one battery charge?

    The battery life depends on the choice of attachment as well as on the ambient conditions such as room temperature. However, a fully charged battery should always last between 45 minutes and 2 hours without having to recharge.


    For how long do I need to charge my Zeitgard Pro before it is fully charged again?

    If the battery of your Zeitgard Pro is completely flat, you should give it 24 hours to fully recharge. Of course, you can use your Zeitgard Pro even when it is charging. Simply take it out of the charging station and use it for your face care routine.
    Tip: Simply place your Zeitgard Pro back onto its charging station after every use. This way, it is always fully charged, and you’ll know where to find it.


    Is my Zeitgard Pro waterproof? Can I use it under the shower?

    Yes, in accordance with the IPX5 rating, you can use the Zeitgard Pro in the shower with both the Face Cleansing Attachment and the Face Smoothing Attachment. “IPX5” stands for “protection against water projected by a nozzle from any direction” and offers the user the necessary reassurance that the decide is safe to use in the shower.

    However, we do not recommend using the Body Skin Attachment under the shower. This has not been developed to withstand water jets.
    The charging station can withstand dripping water but should, of course, not be placed under running water, and certainly not with the power adaptor plugged in!


    How long is the warranty?

    LR offers a two-year goodwill-warranty. In case of a justified claim, LR will exchange your Zeitgard Pro or Attachment and send you a brand-new device. For a justified claim, please only return the defective parts that saves postage and disposal costs.


    Can I also buy the Attachments individually?

    Of course. If you didn’t get the Zeitgard Pro Complete Set, which gives you a certain discount, you can also order the other Attachment individually. Complete your Zeitgard Pro step by step with further Attachments and applications and create your very own at-home beauty studio.


    Which part of the device has been patented? And what does that mean for me and my recommendations?

    The unique interchangeable head technology for cosmetic home use is patent pending under patent number 10 2022 200 747.6.* The single handpiece with interchangeable attachments is thus only available through LR, and you can promote this fact and the advantages this design holds.

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