Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Head


  • Replacement Brush Head for Zeitgard Pro
  • Up to 10 times more effective facial cleansing
  • With antibacterial Microsilver BG™
  • For use with the Lr Zeitgard cleansing cream
  • Quantity: 1 pcs

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    Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Head

    Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Head For Deep Skin Cleansing In Every Application

    The Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Brush Head revolutionises classic facial cleansing. It is more effective than manual facial cleansing and especially gentle on the skin. The interplay of the Zeitgard Pro and the specially developed cleaning texture creates a fine “net” that dissolves, binds and thoroughly removes dirt from the skin. Your skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent facial care. The skin looks refined, smoother and more radiant.

    The Face Cleansing Brush Head ensures you the wow effect again and again. Simply remove the used face cleansing brush head of your Zeitgard Pro Device and put the new one on it. Voila! Your brush is like new!


    How to use

    The Face Cleansing Brush is easy to change. Press the button on the rear of the device and pull off the attachment.
    To fix a new attachment to the handpiece, slide the attachment along the guiding grooves into the opening until it snaps into place. You will hear a soft “click”. You may need to gently press down the attachment to make it snap into place. Do not apply too much pressure. To remove the attachment again, press the button on the rear of the handpiece and simultaneously pull the attachment off your device.


    Lr Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush in use


    What material are the brush heads made of?

    The filaments of the brushes have been developed in elaborate tests especially for LR. Only in this way can we achieve the proven and noticeable results. When developing the brushes, LR relies on the addition of Microsilver BG ™ in addition to the special features of the filament structure. For years, this has been part of many care and cleaning products at LR.

    The advantage: Due to the molecular movement, silver ions also reach the surface from the so-called “inner depot” of the filaments. Thus, the antibacterial “protective shield” is permanently maintained on the filaments.

    For the LR Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush Head it mean: highest hygienic cleanliness! You do not have to worry about what could accumulate on the brushes. In normal use, a hygienic cleaning over 3 months is safe.

    One more thing: the silver ions act exclusively on the surface of the filaments and are not released to the environment or your skin. Therefore, it is important to clean the brushes after applying visible soiling to allow full effectiveness of the Microsilver BG ™.

    Ideal for for everybody!


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