Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit


  • Set includes a Zeitgard Pro, Face Cleansing Brush and Adapter
  • Cleans the skin up to 10 times more effectively than manual cleansing
  • Achieves a refined, smoothed skin image, optimally prepared for the care
  • From Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Serie
  • Beauty studio at home
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit

    Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit – Professional Cleansing Brush For Gentle depth Cleansing of Facial Skin!

    Thorough cleaning with Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush Kit is especially important because fine dirt particles and make-up residues affect the skin.

    Thanks to the Microsilver technology, the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush provides you with a healthy face cleansing for up to 3 months. Then you have to replace the brush with a new one that will again offer you an ideal facial cleansing. With the Zeitgard Pro Cleansing Kit you enjoy a mild and effective cleaning every time. Just remove the used brush of the device and place the new one and your device will be new again! The antibacterial Microsilver technology that the brushe’s fibers include, gives protection from bacteria.

    Lr Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush in use


    How to use

    STEP 1:
    Moisten your face with water before use and spread the Lr Zeitgard cleansing cream on the skin.
    Switch on the device and start gently cleaning the left and right side of the face and the forehead (T-zone) for about 20 seconds each.

    STEP 2:
    After cleansing, clarify the facial skin with the Lr Zeitgard facial tonic.


    Did you know?

    Studies* prove: Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush Kit is a highly effective cleanser for skin that is clean down to the pores. It cleans facial skin up to 10 times more efficiently than conventional manual cleansing.

    The brush filaments oscillate with more than 7,000 movements per minute and remove even heavy dirt and make-up from the skin. For a visibly and sustainably refined complexion.

    The unique Zeitgard hygiene concept has been tested by a renowned German institute**. The filaments of the brush head, specially developed for LR, are treated with antibacterial Microsilver BG™. They remain hygienically perfect for up to 3 months.

    *Scientific study carried out by the renowned institute Dermatest GmbH. Application period: 6 weeks (end of January to beginning of March 2015), number of subjects: 40


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    When should I use the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush?

    The Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush can be used for your daily morning face cleansing routine, but also in the evening to rid your face of make-up and dirt. Cleansing your face thoroughly is a prerequisite for an effective face care. Because only clean, clear skin can really absorb the precious ingredients of the care products you subsequently apply. You should always remove your make-up before going to bed. If you do not remove makeup thoroughly, it can clog up sweat pores, causing pimples, blackheads and blemishes. Even if you don’t use make-up, you should still rid your face of sweat, sebum and dirt in the morning and evening.


    How do I use the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit?

    Ideally, you should start the day with the Face Cleansing Brush and the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream. Start by dampening your face and applying your Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream. The Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream has been designed to work perfectly with the Face Cleansing Brush – the oscillating movements of the device create a soft foam that gently and effectively removes dirt and surplus sebum. The Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream goes easy on the natural protective layer of the skin and, in combination with the Face Cleansing Brush, is 10 times more effective than manual cleansing.

    Fit the Cleansing Brush adapter and then the Face Cleansing Brush onto your device. The antibacterial, rounded brush filaments of the Face Cleansing Brush move back and forth at lightning speed, similar to an electric toothbrush, and give your skin a deep cleanse that is nonetheless gentle. Switch your Zeitgard Pro on and use the Face Cleansing Brush to gently treat the desired sections of your face. It’s up to you for how long and with how much pressure you move the brush over your face. Should the sensation be unpleasant, reduce the pressure or move on to the next section of your face.

    The oscillating, vibrating movement of the Face Cleansing Brush stimulates the blood flow, making your skin radiate and appear healthy. Complete your cleansing routine with the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner. Your skin is awake now and ready for your daily care routine. In the evening, you should cleanse each section of your face for 20-30 seconds, depending on the make-up you have used. Once again complete your cleansing routine with the Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner, which will allow any night creams you use to take full effect on your thoroughly clean skin. We recommend that you swap the Face Cleansing Brush for the Face Peeling Tool for an intense detox twice a week.


    Why should I use a facial toner after the cleansing process?

    A toner removes any residue of the cleansing product you have used on your face. In addition, a toner refreshes and revitalises the skin and prepares it for the care products you subsequently apply. If your facial skin is dry, it will struggle to absorb any care products you apply. The catalyst is missing. The Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner promotes the skin’s natural protective function and rebalances the skin’s own microbiome – this ensures a silky-smooth skin and a rosy complexion. The Lr Zeitgard Facial Toner is free from alcohol and thus suitable for all skin types.


    Can I also use other cleansing creams with the Face Cleansing Brush?

    Yes, you can. However, the viscosity, i.e. the consistency of the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream, has been developed in such a way that it minimises unwanted running or splashing. The ZEITGARD Cleansing Cream does not attack the brush filaments, which are coated with micro-silver, and the advertised cleansing promises, which have been proven in studies**, can only be guaranteed if the Face Cleansing Brush is used in conjunction with the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream. If you are still keen to use e.g. the ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk or the ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Cleansing Foam, you are welcome to do so if you have young and moisture-loving skin.


    Why is there just one brush head?

    Skin types such as combination skin, dry skin or sensitive skin are conditions and not down to genetics – so your skin condition can change from day to day due to hormone fluctuations, e.g., your menstrual cycle, your food intake or other external factors such as UV radiation or oxidative stress or even over the course of a long-term Zeitgard Pro application. The Face Cleansing Brush is neither too hard nor too soft, making it ideal for everyone and for every skin condition.
    The development of the new Zeitgard Pro was inspired by the latest scientific insights. This allows you to achieve the same effective cleansing results with an overall much gentler application. The sensitive cleansing brush is therefore ideal for the new Zeitgard Pro. Your skin is sure to rejoice. If you use the Face Cleansing Brush for longer or slightly increase the pressure, it will give you a more intense cleanse.


    In what way does the new Zeitgard Pro differ from the previous ZEITGARD Cleansing Device?

    It’s easier to use because it only has one speed, you no longer have to choose between different brushes, and it can be expanded to include other applications. You now have 4 application options on just one device. That saves a lot of space and money. In addition, the shape is more ergonomic, and the battery lasts longer.

    The cleansing effect of the new Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit is just as good as that of the previous model. However, the Zeitgard Pro technology has been developed further and is now more closely geared towards the bespoke cleansing cream and brush. This has allowed us to cover the needs of all skin types with just one type of brush and one speed setting. All you need to do is make sure that the pressure you apply on your skin with the Face Cleansing Brush is comfortable for you and your skin. The new Zeitgard Pro is thus significantly easier to use and more gentle on your skin.


    What exactly distinguishes the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Kit from competitors’ products, and what do you mean by oscillation?

    From a physical point of view, oscillation is a kind of vibration. The most important thing, however, is that an oscillating brush does not turn in circles. It does not rotate to “wipe away” dirt. Instead, the brush oscillates (from the Latin oscillare “to swing”) in smaller but very fast back-and-forth movements (almost 6,400 times a minute) and thus cleans more gently and thoroughly.

    The sound frequency speed of the back-and-forth movements cleans the skin without irritating it. Devices with other technologies (e.g. rotation), only ever brush the skin in one direction. The process is similar to cleaning a work surface or a dirty pan: if you rub a sponge back and forth at speed, your work is quickly done. But if you only ever rub in one direction, you often damage the surface structure and only manage to clean by abrasing the top layer.

    In addition, the unique Microsilver BG™**-technology makes each bristle of every brush head a highly hygienic tool, and the rounded brush filaments glide gently but effectively over the skin. Should you already own another device, compare the two with the help of a wet wipe or a nylon stocking. Switch your first device on and place it on the nylon stocking. Rotating devices stress the skin – you will see how the nylon stocking twists. Now do the same experiment with your second device. The Face Cleansing Brush with oscillation technology allows the nylon stocking to stay in place – the same happens to the surface of your skin.


    Should I expect initial aggravations when I first use the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush?

    We are not aware of initial aggravations having ever occurred, not even in the studies that have been conducted. However, should you have particularly stressed skin, e.g. psoriasis, open wounds or severe acne, please consult your dermatologist before using the device.


    How do I clean my Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush?

    Remove the device from the charging station before you start cleaning it. Simply wipe the device with a damp cloth. The charging station can be cleaned in the same way. Please make sure the charging station is not plugged into a socket when you clean it. To clean the Face Cleansing Brush, simply detach it from the adapter. It should be rinsed with warm water after every use. If your Face Cleansing Brush appears particularly dirty, e.g. with make-up, you can also use the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Cream like a wash lotion. Once you’re done, just pat dry with a clean towel – thanks to the antibacterial Microsilver in the filaments, that’s all you need to do.

    Due to the unique Microsilver BG™**-technology embedded in the filaments, you only need a new Face Cleansing Brush every 3 months. In that way, it is similar to your toothbrush. In order to achieve a quality result and gentle cleansing day after day, we recommend you regularly exchange the brush head. Should you use the brush twice a day, we recommend you exchange it every 2 months. Please do not place the damp Face Cleansing Brush into a drawer or cupboard – leave it to
    dry where the air has a chance to circulate, ideally on the charging station. Never use aggressive detergents or chemicals to clean the device.


    Is the Face Cleansing Brush also suitable for men?

    Yes, absolutely! Due to its nature – e.g. larger pores, greater sebum production etc. – male skin can greatly benefit from an intense cleansing routine. The Face Cleansing Brush is ideal for this.

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