Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit


  • Kit for the anti aging treatment
  • 1 x Zeitgard Pro, 1 x Zeitgard Smoothing Attachment
  • Support face contours and the skin looks even
  • For all skin types with signs of aging
  • Beauty studio at home
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit

    Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

    With growing age, the results of a lack of facial cleansing, poor facial care, insufficient sun protection, poor nutrition or oxidative stress become increasingly evident. In addition, the biological effects of processes that are no longer fully functional or slowed down become visible. The “organic material” shrinks, the skin structure loses tension and facial expressions appear sunken.

    The ultrasonic vibrations of Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit act like passive contour training for your facial muscles, bring sunken skin areas back into shape, promote blood flow, actively stimulate the slowed-down bioprocesses of the tissue and double the body’s own collagen and elastin formation.
    Your skin becomes firmer and more toned. The skin’s elasticity increases, and connective tissue is tautened. Laughter lines and dry wrinkles are reduced.

    How do I use the Face Smoothing Kit?

    After you have thoroughly cleansed your face with the Face Cleansing Kit or the Face Peeling Attachment and the Zeitgard Facial Toner, your face is ready to receive its individual care.

    Start by applying your preferred serum and then your day cream. Use the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit to slowly massage the
    cream into your cheeks and T-zone.

    Then apply your eye cream. You can once again use the Face Smoothing Kit to massage this into your skin.

    We recommend you use the Beauty Diamonds Day Cream if you are over 40. The firming anti-aging cream from the Beauty Diamonds range strengthens the skin of people aged 40 and up by stimulating collagen formation, reducing wrinkles and ensuring harmonious facial contours.

    The Beauty Diamonds range guarantees a plumped-up skin,
    firm contours and moisture-nourished skin, and with the unique active ingredient transport system its effect can be channelled directly into each skin cell.

    Lr Zeitgard Pro Anti Aging Device in use


    Usage tip up to 40s

    Apply your Nanogold or Platinum Cream. Distribute small Cream spots on your face and massage them in using the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit. Treat the left and right sides of the face and the forehead for 30 seconds each.
    Pay attention to circular movements from the inside out and from the bottom up.


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    What is the active ingredient transport system?

    The active ingredient transport system in the Nanogold & Beauty Diamonds Facial Care products as well as in the Platinum All-in-One Men’s Care and the Lr Zeitgard Body Cream works like an active ingredient booster. When used together with the Zeitgard Face Smoothing Kit, the precious active ingredients are transported firstly to the skin cell and secondly directly into the cell, which greatly increases the effectiveness.

    With the Face Peeling attachment and the above-mentioned Lr Zeitgard products, the active ingredients penetrate even deeper and reach each cell in a targeted manner. The active ingredients are only released after the carrier has latched on, allowing them to unleash their full power inside the cell. This way, skin aging is tackled at the source and slowed down through targeted nutrient supply.


    Can I also use the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit around the eyes?

    The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and thus more sensitive than the rest of the face. You should simply give it a try and see how it feels. If used as recommended, the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit is not harmful, but it has not been designed with the eye area in mind.

    When used in combination with the 2in1 Eye Cream or Mask by Nanogold or Beauty Diamonds, the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit can be very effective around the eyes. The eye area is prone to dryness and benefits from a strong collagen structure to prevent dark under-eye
    circles, bags and crow’s feet wrinkles. The Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit not only massages the active ingredients deep into the skin, it also stimulates the cells to actively rebuild their own collagen structure. In addition, the deep warmth generated by the ultrasound is particularly relaxing and soothing.

    Apply cream around your eyes and take approximately 5 seconds to slide the Face Smoothing Kit over your upper eyelid and 5 seconds to slide the Face Smoothing Kit over your lower eyelid. Always move from the nose outwards towards your temple. You can do this daily. Twice a week, you should also apply the 2in1 eye cream and mask as a mask and leave it to work its magic over night. This way, tired eyes will soon look alert and bright again.


    Which skincare products can I use with the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit?

    In principle, you can use any serum or facial skincare cream with the Face Smoothing Kit. However, you will get the best anti-aging effect if you use the newly formulated Nanogold, Beauty Diamonds or Platinum care ranges, these all include the active ingredient transport system and are specially designed to work in tandem with the Face Smoothing Kit. The ultrasound generated by the Face Smoothing Kit acts as an accelerator: care products are absorbed noticeably faster, and the active ingredients are channelled directly to the deeper dermis.

    We recommend you use the Beauty Diamonds Day Cream. You will achieve a silky-smooth skin, even on the back of your hand. Just give it a try! Depending on your skin’s daily needs, you can also apply a serum underneath the day cream or treat yourself to a soothing mask in the evening.


    How does the current Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit differ from the technology used in the previous Zeitgard Anti-Age Device?

    The Face Smoothing Kit uses a completely different technology, one that is particularly favoured by dermatologists and cosmetologists. The Zeitgard Anti-Age Device uses a combination of thermo-technology and vibration.

    The Zeitgard 2 Anti-Age Device activates the skin’s own processes and adaptation reactions and stimulates the microcirculation within the fine blood vessels in the skin. This optimises the nutrient intake of the skin. Simultaneously, pollutants are removed from the different skin layers. The vibration “nudges” the active ingredients of the Zeitgard Anti Age product into deeper layers of the epidermis, where they act according to the inside-out principle.

    Instead of vibration, the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit now uses stronger micro-ultrasonic oscillations (1,000 kHz), which not only have a micro-massage effect on the skin layers and stimulate cell metabolism and collagen synthesis, but also channel the active ingredients of the Lr Zeitgard products directly to the dermis even deeper.

    Active ingredients are no longer merely pushed into the intercellular spaces of the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), but directly into the dermis (the deeper middle layer of the skin), which consists of collagen and elastin fibres and gives the skin its firmness and elasticity. This can only be achieved with “higher pressure from the outside” – in our case with the help of ultrasound. The Zeitgard Face Smoothing Kit also promotes the removal of pollutants: not through vibration, but though deep warmth, which people find extremely pleasant.

    Lr Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit is now easier and more effective to use: the application of additional products is no longer necessary thanks to the improved formula of the Nanogold, Beauty Diamonds and Platinum care ranges and the ultrasonic technology. Now, the Zeitgard care products not only nourish the skin’s surface, but can also act directly in the cell structure while the ultrasonic waves stimulate cell renewal, the body’s own collagen formation and the removal of pollutants.


    Which care products can be used with the old ZEITGARD Anti-Age Device?

    Thanks to their improved formula, Lr Zeitgard skincare ranges Nanogold, Beauty Diamonds and Platinum can also be used with the Zeitgard 2.


    I have attached the Face Smoothing Kit to the device and switched it on, but nothing seems to happen. Is the device faulty?

    The Face Smoothing kit uses an ultrasound frequency that is imperceptible to the human ear. If the display around the on-button is illuminated, the device should be in perfect working order. There is a trick to make the ultrasonic waves visible: take a drop of water and place it on the metal surface of the switched-on Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Kit. It will begin to “dance” on the metal surface.

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