Nanogold Anti Aging Set

Nanogold Anti Aging Set


  • Against premature aging of the skin
  • 1 x 50 ml anti aging day cream
  • 1 x 50 ml anti aging night cream
  • High quality care with gold and silk proteins
  • Anti aging cream after 30
  • Product made in Germany
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Nanogold Anti Aging Set

Nanogold Anti Aging Set - Day And Night Cream For High Quality Facial Care


LR develops new protection against light-induced skin aging: The valuable raw materials gold and silk are optimized in their cosmetic effect with new nanotechnology. The bioconjugate of gold and silk can effectively absorb harmful UV radiation in daylight. This significantly reduces light-induced skin aging, also called photoaging.

Nanogold Anti Aging Day Cream with a silky texture protects the skin and prevents premature aging caused by excessive exposure to light. It nourishes and pampers the skin throughout the day, while the combination of active ingredients keeps the skin elastic. Also ideal as a make-up base. With Nanogold, silk proteins, special Aglycal® complex, TIMP-peptides® and active ingredient Uvinul A Plus® *, which protects against UVA rays. (SPF 15).

Nanogold Anti Aging Night Cream is a high-quality cream that nourishes and regenerates the skin overnight. It can prevent light-induced, premature skin aging from 30 years. The night cream is the ideal partner of the day cream for a convincing overall result. The Cream contains nanogold and silk proteins as well as additional TIMP peptides and the special active ingredient SYN®-COLL **. SYN®-COLL ** is based on a small peptide that promotes the formation of collagen.


Nanogold Anti Aging Set for women
… from 30
... want to prevent the first wrinkles
... who want to protect their facial skin against light-induced skin aging
... which value importance to high-quality facial care


How to use

Apply Nanogold Anti Aging Day Cream every morning after Skin Toner. Nanogold Day Cream is easily applied. After you can continue with your Make-up

The Nanogold Night Cream should be generously applied every evening after cleansing the face with Nanogold Toner and gently massaged in.


Human Damaging Environmental Influences

1. UVA rays can penetrate unhindered into the skin layers of the epidermis and dermis
2. The skeletal substances of the skin are damaged. A consequence is the formation of free radicals.
3. Free radicals can u.a. damage the collagen structure, it comes to structural breaks in the dermis and it form the first light-induced wrinkles. The process is called photoaging.


Nanogold Anti Aging Effect

Gold absorbs UVA rays; Silk protein structure also absorbs and also serves as an amino acid depot to rebuild skin's own structures. The nano-gold / silk protein complex "envelops" sensitive skin structures while capturing UVA radiation - effectively preventing the formation of free radicals.


Tip From Experts

The products within the Nanogold care serie complement each other. The coordinated products thus provide an effective synergetic effect.


Studies Confirmed Nanogold Anti Aging Set Effectiveness*

• 97% confirm that the skin feels intensively nourished and moisturized with the day cream
• 89% confirm that the skin is more elastic with the night cream
• 76% confirm that the combination of day and night cream makes the skin visibly younger

*Nanogold day and night cream tested on 30 women aged 29 to 43 years by the Dermatest GmbH in a period of 4 weeks


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