Body Mission Weight Loss Diet

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  • Body Mission 28-day program for weight loss with pleasure
  • Accompany you with variety and useful tips on the way to your desired weight
  • With a coordinated program of delicious meals and ideal diet companions
  • Protein Power, Pro Balance, herbal fasting tea, LR shaker inclusive
  • With supporting tools such as the motivating online weight loss coach and holistic expert tips
  • Developed by state-of-the-art nutrition experts

Body Mission Weight Loss Diet – Get The Perfect Figure Of Your Dream

You want to feel well in yourself again? Lose some kilos or more? Body Mission Weight Loss Diet accompanies you along the way to the perfect figure of your dreams. Your daily boost for a new, attractive feeling.

With the 28 Days Body Mission Weight Loss Set, you get the Figu Active slimming products you need for exactly 28 days. All you have to do is choose the flavors of your choice, among the full range of Figu Active Shakes, Soups, Flakes and Bars.

The integrated concept of Body Mission Weight Loss Diet is addressed to everyone who wants more than just a calorie count. Body Mission Weight Loss Diet Plan make weight loss easy and enjoyable, while the online Weight Management Coach offers you motivation and effective support.

Delicious and healthy recipes and Weight Loss Diet Programs include a wide variety of flavors. Pro Balance and Protein Power support you on a daily basis, supplying your body with the necessary nutrients and boosting muscle growth. Herbal Weight Loss Tea contributes to adequate hydration, with calorie-free liquids.

The online Weight Management Guide offers triple support and guides you towards achieving your goal. Success stories from your network, communicating with other people, and tracking your weight, prompt you to continue your effort. Modern fitness videos include effective weight loss exercises for beginners and more advanced ones, which are enjoyable weight loss motivation and offer visible results.


Body Mission weight loss diet that taste delicious

Body Mission accompanies you on the way to a feel good weight for 28 days.
You’ll be supported in three ways:

Meal substitutes: Figu Active makes it easy to replace two out of three meals a day. The shakes, soups, flakes and bars are quickly prepared.

Diet companions: Pro Balance and Protein Power – your weight loss diet companions support you in your diet, supply you with nutrients and promote muscle development In addition, the herbal fasting tea contributes to a calorie-free water balance.

Weight-loss coach: Get exclusive online access to your personal weight loss coach with weekly plans, delicious recipes, weight tracking, community, fitness videos and much more


Body Mission Weight Loss Products

A good and varied diet and weight loss are not mutually exclusive. Even better if you have important allies at your side to ensure that your good intentions turn into success. The Basic Solution offers you everything you need to lose weight fast while eating delicious and healthy meals and simply look better.

Lr Weight loss soup 28 day body missionFigu Active Weight Loss Soups are a warm meal replacement that makes it easier for you to lose or control weight. The meal is available in three savoury flavours for maximum variety.

Only 208-214 kcal per serving: 57g Figu Active Shake + 300 ml of water

Areas of application: Replacing two meals a day supports weight-loss. Replacing one meal a day supports you in keeping your weight

Recommended Dosage: Replace one regular meal by a weight loss soup. Add (57g powder) with a whisk and stir into 300 ml of hot water. Taste: Tomato Mediterranean, Potato Aubergine and Vegetable Curry India



Lr Weight loss bar 28 day body mission

The Figu Active Weight Loss bars replace a full meal and are ideal for on the go. Choose between three delicious flavours! Full meal replacement bar, ideal for on the go.

Only 224-226 kcal per bar

Areas of application: Replacing two meals a day supports weight-loss. Replacing one meal a day supports you in keeping your weight

Recommended Dosage: Replace one regular meal by a bar.
Taste: Nougat Flavour, Strawberry-Yogurt flavour and Crunchy Caramel Flavour



Lr Weight loss shake 28 day body mission

The creamy Figu Active Weight Loss Shakes are quick and easy to prepare. The delicious meal replacement shake is available in a wide range of flavours.

Only 224-230 kcal per serving: 28 g Figu Active Shake + 250 ml lactose-free milk 1.5% fat

Recommended Dosage: Replace a regular meal with a weight loss shake. 28 g powder in 250 ml low-fat, lactose-free milk

Special properties: Lactose Free, Gluten free, No added preservatives, No added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars) Taste: Strawberry-Banana, Vanilla and Latte Macchiato




Lr Weight loss Flakes 28 day body mission

Figu Active Weight Loss Flakes are a muesli-like meal replacement, which optimally supports you in weight loss or weight control

Only 223 kcal per serving: 35 g Figu Active Flakes + 200 g low-fat, lactose-free natural yoghurt 1.5 % fat

Recommended Dosage: Replace one regular meal by the flakes. Stir 3 tbsp (35 g) into 200 g low-fat, lactose-free natural yoghurt.

Special properties: Lactose-free




High fluid intake is very important when dieting. The low-calorie combination of valuable herbs in Herbal Weight Loss Tea offers one of the best alternatives to water.

Areas of application: Ensures the daily liquid supply especially in the context of a diet

Recommended Dosage: Pour boiling water over 1 – 2 heaped teaspoons in a large cup, cover and steep for 5 – 7 minutes, then strain. Drink 3 – 4 cups daily

Selected ingredients: Green tea, Mate leaves, Lapacho bark, Nettle leaves, Roobois tea, Lemon grass and Licorice root


For all those who want more than just counting calories, I recommend the Body Mission Weight Loss Diet with its holistic concept. The Body Mission slimming products make weight-loss easy and delicious. An accompanying weight-loss coach, as is available to you online on your body mission, turns the diet into a playful experience. Once you have registered, it will support you for 28 days with delicious nutritional weight loss diet plans, fitness videos and a strong community in the background, which encourages and motivates you with its success stories

Start your body mission and eat according to a well thought-out healthy diet plan: Eat 3 satisfying meals a day for 28 days. Combine two Figu Active meals a day with a traditional meal – whether you prefer to cook lunch or dinner. Combine the meals as you like them. The tasty and healthy online recipes and nutritional weight loss diet  plans contain vegetarian meals and meals with meat and fish but also a mixed option.

In addition, we recommend our product supplements, which individually support you in achieving your goals. Fiber Boost supplies you with fibre that will make you feel satisfied for a longer time. Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Peach supports your energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and exhaustion. Always keep your eyes on your goal: A dream body as you like it.

Body Mission 28 Days weight loss diet Set: Enjoyable shakes, soups, flakes and bars for 28 days, helpful diet companions, and access to the online Weight Management Guide – all you need for the figure of your dreams!

Simply replace 2 daily meals with a Figu Active product. A portion of Figu Active weight loss Drinks, Bars, Soups and Flakes is a complete meal substitute. *

* Based on the diet of an average adult, with a daily intake of 2,000 kcal.

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  1. Paule-Julia Ahoune

    28 days body mission

    Paule-Julia Ahoune (verified owner)

    Very good diet programme, easy to follow . I was able to eat my favourite African food at lunch time (really important to me).
    I start on the 14/05/2020 weighting 110.20 Kg and finished on 10/06/2020 weighting 106.2Kg a total loss of 4Kg!
    I highly recommend this programme. My personal distributor , Stanley was very good too , he has excellent customer service skills, all queries were addressed within an hour and delivery is good too considering the challenging times we are in.
    I will carry on , on my weight loss journey with products from LR. Thank you for your continuous support.

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    • Rurik Stanislav

      Rurik Stanislav

      Woow Paule!

      Thank you very much for this nice review! I don’t expect also pictures.
      I see that you care about your body.

      You know what? I will support you in your diet till you achieve your desired weight.
      Simply contact me every time before you need some meal replacement and I will send you discount code.

      I want to see you 10kg less.

      Good luck!

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