Beauty Diamonds Anti Aging Set


  • Set for demanding skin
  • Set Include 1 x Day Cream, 1 x Night Cream
  • Combination of active ingredients based on diamond and peptides
  • With an innovative active substance transport system
  • Recommended to use with Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Tool

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    Beauty Diamonds Anti Aging Set

    Beauty Diamonds Anti Aging Set for Demanding Skin

    Beauty Diamonds Anti Aging Set provides your skin with glow and optimum care on a daily basis.

    The nourishing Beauty Diamonds Night Cream helps your skin to reduce the visible signs of aging overnight. While you sleep, your skin’s natural cell protection mechanism is stimulated by a synergistic complex of two patented peptides (Replexium™), so that your skin feels firm and supple and soft the next morning.

    The Beauty Diamonds Anti Aging Day Cream nourishes the skin intensively and strengthens it day after day by stimulating collagen production – the skin appears plumped up. It also makes the skin feel silky smooth and reduces wrinkles. Sea buckthorn extract firms the skin and ensures harmonious facial contours. For firm skin and a silky smooth skin feeling.


    For women…
    … from about 40 years
    … with dry and demanding skin
    … put emphasis on luxury care
    … who want a great charisma
    … want to reduce wrinkles
    … who want more skin elasticity


    The firming Beauty Diamonds anti-aging Set strengthens the skin from the age of 40 and visibly reduces wrinkles. Based on the properties of diamonds in combination with proteins, it ensures that the skin’s aging process is slowed down and the cell protection mechanism is strengthened. Now reformulated with the innovative active ingredient transport system and an encapsulated active ingredient that reduces wrinkles and wrinkle depth.

    For maximum effectiveness in combination with the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Tool.


    How To Use

    STEP 1: Cleanse your facial skin with Water or use the Zeitgard Pro Face Cleansing Brush or Zeitgard Pro the Face Peeling Tool.

    STEP 2: Apply your Beauty Diamonds Products and massage it in with hands or using the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Tool. Treat the left and right sides of the face and the forehead for 30 seconds each. Pay attention to circular movements from the inside out and from the bottom up.


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