Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit


  • Kit includes 1 x Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device, 1 x Massage attachment
  • Firm & Smoth the skin on Arms, stomach, Thighs and Bottom
  • Supports removal of the fat cells
  • From Zeitgard Pro Skin Care Serie
  • Beauty studio at home
  • Made in Germany

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    Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit

    Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit For Smooth Skin Without Signs of Cellulite.

    Body Massage Device has been primarily designed to tauten the skin on your upper arms, stomach, legs and bottom. We recommend the Zeitgard Pro Kit to women from the age of 25 who wish to have a smooth skin without signs of cellulite.
    It tautens the skin, gives it firmness and promotes the body’s natural ability to eliminate pollutants via the vascular and lymphatic system.

    The ultrasound treatment with the Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit can improve the appearance of cellulite. Waste products lodged between fat cells are shaken loose by the ultrasound treatment, and the lymphatic fluid can carry them away. Figuratively speaking, the fat cells are “liquefied” similar to when you let ice cubes melt and then refreeze them, then they form a more even surface. Ultrasound acts like a deep tissue massage.

    Blood flow is stimulated, and the elastin and collagen strands relax.
    We also recommend a healthy, alkaline diet, sufficient fluid intake and avoiding drink, sweets and tobacco.

    Taking the Lr 5in1 Beauty Elixir can also help promote the body’s capability to generate collagen and improve the skin’s elasticity.

    If you are pregnant, suffer from heart diseases, have a pacemaker, tumours, skin cancer, sunburn, open wounds, circulatory disorders, thrombosis, a blood clotting disorder, epilepsy or infectious diseases (fever, AIDS etc.), you should discuss permanent, regular use with your doctor.


    How To use the Anti Cellulite Kit

    Apply some Lr Zeitgard Body Firming Cream to your skin and massage that section with gentle circular movements using the Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit.

    You should always massage towards your lymph nodes. Treat your legs (massage towards your groin), your stomach (massage towards your groin or armpits), your bottom (massage towards your groin or back of the knee) and your arms (massage towards your armpits).

    Proceed area by area and only apply the cream to the area you are about to massage. For the best possible results, do this treatment up to twice daily.


    Lr Zeitgard Pro Body massage Device in use


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    Which products should I use with the Body Massage Kit?

    The Lr Zeitgard Body Cream was developed especially to be used with Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit. It has a creamy, light and soft texture, perfect for massaging into the skin with the Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit. It leaves the skin feeling silky-soft and without sticking.

    The combination of tried and tested active ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, such as panthenol and vitamin E, promotes the production of skin cells and protects against free radicals, which
    gives your skin radiance.

    In addition, collagen production is stimulated and the natural collagen structure of the skin is reformed. The skin barrier as well as the skin contour are optimised, improving the microrelief.

    Sunflower, jojoba and mimosa wax also improve the skin barrier. While hyaluronic acid acts as a water reservoir and promotes elasticity and tone.

    But, if you prefer, you can also use the Lr Aloe Vera Body Care products.


    Can I also treat scar tissue with the Body Massage Kit?

    Yes, the Body Massage attachment is also suitable for preparing your skin for an operation and for treating it afterwards. The vibration and ultrasound oscillations “soften” the tissue, resulting in less pronounced scars. Experts would, however, like to point out that the
    appearance of scars can only be improved if they are no older than 3 years. In principle, ultrasound only supports wound healing and the effect varies from person to person.


    Can I also use the Body Massage Kit around the shoulders and the back of the neck? Does it help ease tension and joint pain?

    You can indeed also use the Zeitgard Pro Body Massage Kit for a relaxing massage in the neck and shoulder area. Try using it with Lr Special Care products. The active ingredients are massaged deeper into the
    skin and thus have a greater effect. The warmth created by the ultrasound penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and can have a pain-reducing and relaxing effect.

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