Fiber Boost Drink Powder Set

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  • Fiber against big hunger
  • For general well-being in everyday life
  • For a pleasant body feeling
  • Low in calories with the natural sweetness of Stevia
  • Rich in fiber from 3 different sources
  • With the important trace element chromium for regulated blood sugar levels and nutrient metabolism
  • Quatity: 3 x 210g

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    Fiber Boost Drink Powder Set

    Fiber Boost Drink Powder Set With High Quality Fiber against big hunger

    In hectic everyday life, too little fiber is often consumed in an unbalanced diet *. Fiber Boost Drink Powder Set supports the body with its high fiber content from 3 different fiber sources and tastes delicious.

    Everyone knows it: The breakfast or lunch is just a few hours ago and again our stomach is reporting – but it is still a few hours until the next meal. We quickly grab calorie-packed snacks. Get started with Fiber Boost, the low-calorie and high fiber dietary supplement.

    Fiber Boost Set not only helps with the first feeling of hunger. It also provides us with fiber and additionally provides the body with the important trace element chromium for regulated nutrient metabolism¹ and more stable blood sugar².

    The natural plant substance Stevia provides a sweet taste – without additional sugar and extra calories.

    1. Chromium contributes to a normal metabolism of macronutrients.
    2. Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

    * 69 percent of men and 75 percent of women do not meet the target weight of fiber of the DGE of 30 grams daily. 2008. Max Rubner-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food.


    How to use this dietary supplement

    Take once a day a prepared portion of Fiber Boost to itself. It is recommended to take between meals.

    Preparation: Stir two level scoops (one scoop = approx. 3.5 g) into 200 ml low-fat, lactose-free milk (1.5% fat) or water for immediate consumption. Use at least a 300 ml glass. For this we recommend the preparation in the LR Shaker.

    Note: Please make sure that you drink enough. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet that is important along with a healthy lifestyle. Keep product out of the reach of small children. Please keep well closed, dry and store at room temperature. Close again after opening.


    Did you know?

    If you deviate from the preparation according to the package instructions, the nutritional value of the prepared portion changes. The most effective way to use Fiber Boost is to stick to the LR instructions on the product packaging when preparing.


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    Mixture of roasted locust bean gum, guar gum and konjac flour (95%), common salt, flavorings, sweeteners (steviol glycosides), release agents (silicon dioxide), chromium (III) chloride.

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