Aloe Vera Vital Set


  • LR Aloe Vera Relaxing thermolotion
  • 45% Aloe Vera gel and natural essential oils
  • LR Aloe Vera Multifunctional MSM body gel
  • With 60% Aloe Vera gel, a special MSM sulphur compound
  • Products without parabens

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    Aloe Vera Vital Set

    Aloe Vera Vital Set – With Lr Aloe Vera to relax & well-being

    After a tough physical activity or just whenever you need quick relief from pain, this Aloe Vera Set is one that you can count on. It’s got a blend of fine ingredients all working together to help keep your skin and body stay in excellent condition. Try it today and see the amazing results that it offers for your tired joints and dry skin!


    The Set contain:

    Aloe Vera MSM Body Gel that absorbs quickly. It contains 60% Aloe Vera, bearberry and willow bark extract. With its refreshing action and valuable herbal extracts it has beneficial effects on stressed joints. Its high contents in Aloe Vera offer firmness and elasticity to the skin.

    Beaberry leaves contain the herbal ingredient arbutin. In addition, the leaves are rich in tannins and flavonoids. Arbutin is converted into bioavailable hydroquinone inside the body.

    The Aloe Vera Relieving Thermo Lotion contains 45% Aloe Vera and is an ideal massaging lotion. The essential oils it contains offer the skin a light feeling of freshness and slowly develops into a pleasant feeling of warmth that brings about immediate relaxation.

    Eucapyptus oil boosts blood circulation in the massaged area while offering a pleasant cooling sense to the skin. Its high contents in Aloe Vera and its nourishing texture, rich in caring oils, is highly beneficial to the skin.

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