Aloe Vera Repairing foot Cream


  • Quick-absorbing cream for brittle, rough feet
  • With 30% Aloe Vera gel and organic magnolia extract
  • Regenerates brittle, rough and extra dry skin
  • Intensive moisturizing
  • The skin is supple and soft
  • Quantity: 100 ml

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    Aloe Vera Repairing Foot Cream

    Aloe Vera Repairing Foot Cream – Wellness routine for your feet.

    Our feet skin is stressed on a daily basis. With the Lr Aloe Vera Foot Cream you provide your feet with the skin care they need. The fast-absorbing cream nourishes the skin with the 30% Aloe Vera gel and the organic magnolia extract it contains. Offers intensive moisture and softness to the skin.


    How to use

    Apply the cream in the morning and according to your needs.


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