Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo

Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo


  • Removes dirt from your hair to keep it clean from within
  • Provitamin B5 nourishes the hair and makes it stronger
  • The aloe vera (45%) keeps your hair and scalp moisturized
  • Great for everyday use
  • Lather hair with a small amount (walnut-sized) of shampoo and rinse well
  • Content: 200 ml

Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo - Strong and shiny hair and scalp

Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo can be used daily to nourish your scalp and hair gently. Healthy and silky soft hair can be yours today.

This all-natural shampoo contains ingredients that act like a magnet in getting rid of dirt on your hair, leaving it clean, fresh, and healthy. Packed with Pro Vitamin B5, hair becomes stronger and smoother than ever. With the 45 percent aloe vera content, this helps moisturize your hair and makes it healthy. You will love the fruity fragrance of the shampoo that will stimulate your senses. Try the Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo for naturally gorgeous hair that you’ll love to touch!

How to use 

Ideal for everyday use. Just lather a walnut-sized portion of the shampoo onto damp hair then rinse well.

For best results, follow on with the Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Conditioner. Get maximum hair repair treatment with the Hair Mask, about 1 to 2 times in a week in place of the hair conditioner. Apply the Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Leave-In Cure for additional heat protection.


Did You Know?

Lathering up with Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Shampoo cleanses the hair’s outermost layer by dissolving dirt, eliminating excess oils, and removing residue from daily use of styling products. With hair stripped off dirt and residue, it can absorb the nutrients from shampoo more efficiently.

Studies confirm the potency of Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Care from these tests:

– Hair becomes silky soft and is thrice as easy to comb and manage*
– With a natural sheen and smoothness, this leads to 90 percent reduced breakage*
– 90 percent of study participants are thrilled about the shampoo’s refreshing fragrance**

* Daily use of Aloe Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Hair Shampoo, conditioner, and the hair mask improves hair resilience and resistance from breakage. The results are more promising than those who rely on just shampoo. This was based on the study conducted in January 2018 by proDERM.

** Based on results from 40 participants by the Dermatest Institute in December 2017



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