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Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care is a holistic hair care system perfectly tailored to the needs of dry, stressed and damaged hair.
There are many causes of damaged hair. Whether blow-drying, dyeing or straightening – almost everything that women do to look good puts an enormous strain on the hair and leads to dryness, dullness and hair breakage.

These problems affect a huge target group for whom the new Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care Damaged hair Treatment offers the perfect solution: a unique combination of moisturizing aloe vera and a Nutri Oil Repair Complex made from precious oils that nourishes, strengthens, repairs and protects the hair from breakage. The scientifically confirmed result:

  • SILKY SMOOTHNESS: up to 3 times easier to comb*
  • HEALTHY SHINE: more than 90 % less breakage*
  • AND A VITALIZING FRAGRANCE: 95 % of the test persons love it**

In this way, women can feel completely comfortable with their hair again and radiate self-confidence!

*when using Aloe Vera Shampoo, conditioner and mask combined. Confirmed by bio-physical tests of wet combing force and anti-breakage effect compared to neutral shampoo conducted by proDERM in January 2018
** User survey with 40 test persons conducted by Dermatest in December 

Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care Unique On The Market

Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care combines the natural power of aloe vera with a complex of 7 valuable oils. This combination of particularly high aloe vera content (up to 60%) and 7 natural oils that nourish, repair and strengthen the hair is unique on the market.

The Nutri-Oil Repair Complex in Lr Aloe Vera Hair Care Products consists of 7 valuable, natural oils that nourish and repair the hair from the inside without weighing it down: argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and linseed oil. Those vauluable ingredients are the best for damaged hair treatment 

Effectiveness of Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care

The effect of Nutri Repair Hair Care Products has been confirmed by biophysical tests and a user study:

Biophysical tests by proDERM*
To determine combability, bundled strands of hair were treated with Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner and combed mechanically when wet. It was found that the required combing force is up to 3 times less than with a neutral shampoo. The hair thus becomes smoother.
The anti-breakage effect was proven by applying Aloe Vera Shampoo and Repair Hair Mask to hair strands and then combing them mechanically up to 4,500 times. Compared to a neutral shampoo, the hair breakage could be reduced by over 90%.

User study by Dermatest**
In a user study conducted by Dermatest, the test persons confirmed that Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care significantly improves suppleness, shine and combability. The fragrance is another highlight: 95% of the test persons love it**

*when using shampoo, conditioner and mask combined. Confirmed by bio-physical tests of wet combing force and anti-breakage effect compared to neutral shampoo conducted by proDERM
** User survey with 40 test persons conducted by Dermatest.

Is The Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care For You?

Lr Nutri Repair Hair Care is specially tailored to the needs of dry, stressed hair, but can also be used for normal hair.
It is also suitable for persons with dry and flaky scalp due to its Aloe vera content, which intensively moisturizes the scalp. However, it is not an anti-dandruff shampoo.
Lr Nutri Repair can also be used for dyed hair. The oils for hair contained in the hair care system cover each individual hair with a film that protects the color pigments and thus preserves the radiance and brilliance of the colors.
However, the hair care products are not recommended for greasy hair, as the oils contained could exacerbate this problem. 

The Characteristics of Dry & Stressed Hair

A cross-section of the hair shows that the cuticle layer is located on the outside. It consists of several layers of cells that overlap each other, creating a pine cone-like appearance. The cuticle layer protects the softer, inner hair structure.
The cuticle layer makes it easy to see whether the hair is healthy or not. If the hair is healthy, it lies flat and has a smooth surface. Thus the hair does not get caught, can be easily combed and reflects the light evenly, resulting in shine.
The ideal hair care contains active ingredients to nourish, strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair. In addition, the hair surface should be sealed after each use to protect the interior of the hair and provide more shine and easier combability through a smooth hair surface.

Efects & Application

Lr Aloe Vera Hair Care Products for damaged hair unfold their optimum effect when used in combination and according to the specified sequence and application instructions:

Aloe Vera Shampoo (every day)

The Aloe Vera Shampoo opens the cuticle layer of the hair and gently cleanses it by attracting and removing dirt particles like a magnet. It also strengthens the hair from the outside with provitamin B5 and provides hair and scalp with moisture thanks to 45% aloe vera gel.
Apply a walnut-sized amount of Aloe Vera Shampoo onto wet hair, lather gently and rinse thoroughly.

Aloe Vera Conditioner (every day)

The conditioner, like the Aloe Vera Shampoo, should be an integral part of every hair wash. The Nutri-Oil Repair Complex nourishes and repairs hair from the inside. Nurturing active ingredients smooths and seal the hair surface by closing the cuticle layer that was opened up by the shampoo. This means that the hair does not lose moisture, and the smooth surface makes the hair appear shiny and smooth.
Apply to wet hair, gently working a walnut-sized amount of Alooe Vera Conditioner to lengths and tips. Allow to take effect for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

Leave-in treatment (before heat-styling & for in between)

Intense heat, e.g. caused by blow-drying or straightening, damages the cuticle layer of the hair. Without appropriate protection, the hair would dry out, look brittle and might even break. The treatment wraps itself around the hair like a shield and protects it from heat. It nourishes the hair and moisturizes it with Aloe Vera Gel.
Spray on washed hair before heat-styling (e.g. blow-drying or straightening). Do not rinse. Style your hair as usual.
Also perfect for on the go: If your hair feels dry and brittle during the day, the treatment provides moisture immediately and makes it feel supple again. If necessary, simply spray into dry hair. Do not rinse.
The leave-in treatment primarily protects the hair from heat. This may be heat caused by a hair dryer or hair straightener, as well as heat from the sun. However, the spray has no proven UV protection

Conditioning Hair mask (once or twice a week instead of conditioner)

To prevent hair damage, the conditioning hair mask should be used at regular intervals instead of conditioner. The Aloe Vera Conditioner should not be used together with the deep conditioning hair mask.
The repair hair mask nourishes and repairs the hair from the inside with the Nutri-Oil Repair Complex consisting of 7 natural oils. It repairs the hair from deep within by restoring damaged 18-MEA and filling up porous areas. The deep conditioning hair mask thus restores the hair’s stability and protects it from breakage in the long term. The hair surface is sealed and straightened.
Massage a walnut-sized amount into lengths and tips. Allow to take effect for 3 minutes and rinse. The reapir hair mask is not a leave-in product – it definitely has to be rinsed out.
For an optimal result it is not recommended to let the moisture hair mask absorb for more than 3 minutes. Due to the oils contained in the moisture hair mask a longer application time might lead to negative side effects – e.g. making the hair greasy or weighing it down.

What Are The Ingredients in Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care?

The natural oils contained in Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care are part of the Nutri Oil Repair Complex and all contribute to strengthen, nourish and repair dry and damaged hair.

Argan oil for hair is one of the premium and most expensive oils in the world.
It supplies the hair with important nutrients (e.g. vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acid). Argan oil intensively moisturizes the hair and thus helps to reduce dry hair and breakage.

Avocado oil for hair is a rich source of proteins, amino acids and vitamins, Due to the high grease content, avocado oil makes stressed and dry hair shine and feel supple again. It nourish and strengthen hair; Encourages hair growth; Improves the condition of the scalp; Prevent hair loss.

Using coconut oil for hair promises to slowly but surely restore the health of your scalp and locks. Coconut oil has a nurturing and regulating effect on hair, hair roots and the scalp. Pure coconut oil contains a whole range of different vitamins and minerals that strengthen dry hair from the inside out and help to repair damage and rebuild hair structure.

Macadamia oil for hair is a real vitamin boost. It contains a lot of vitamin A, which is very valuable for skin, hair and nails. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and vitamin E have powerful antioxidant properties. The oil protects the hair from harmful sunrays, regenerates damage to the hair structure and protects it from moisture loss. Macadamia oil provides the hair with elasticity and suppleness, making it particularly easy to comb and style.

Washing and styling can damage the hair’s natural protective greasy film and make it appear dull and brittle. Olive oil for hair rebuilds this protection by wrapping itself around every single hair like a film. This restores smoothness and shine to the hair. Olive oil can also provide protection against heat damage.

Due to the high linoleic acid content and the relatively low content of saturated fatty acids, sunflower oil for hair is a light, mild oil that nourishes the hair intensively without weighing it down. It is absorbed particularly quickly and has a positive effect on dry and itchy scalp due to its high vitamin E content.

Flaxseed oil for hair provides the hair with important nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, strengthen weak hair and improve its elasticity to counteract split ends and hair breakage.
Hair growth is also promoted by the application of linseed oil, because the vitamin E contained has a positive effect on capillary growth.

Provitamin B5 (Panthenol)
Provitamin B5, also known as panthenol, is a water-soluble vitamin. It is found in most foods and is involved in many metabolic processes in the body. The panthenol contained in the Aloe Vera Shampoo binds the moisture inside the hair and supports its regeneration.


Organic bamboo extract
Bamboo extract for hair (contained in the Aloe Vera Shampoo and leave-in treatment) contains a particularly high proportion of silicon (75 %). Silicon counteracts dry and brittle hair and gives it resilience and elasticity.


Other repairing active ingredients
The hair consists of about 2 % lipids (fats). Lipids protect the hair and make it supple. 18-MEA (methyl eicosanoic acid) is the main component of lipids on the hair surface. Negative external influences such as hair dye, can destroy this lipid layer and thus also the 18-MEA. As a result, the hair becomes porous and brittle and appears dull. The Hair Mask from Lr Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Hair Care serie repairs the damaged 18-MEA and refills porous areas, while protecting the hair from further damage.

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