Colostrum Direct Liquid

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  • Premium product based on colostrum
  • Made with the best of first milk exclusively European cows
  • Free of antibiotic residues and anabolic androgenic steroids
  • Without additives, colors or preservatives
  • Produced with gentle cold production process, for optimal nutrient density
  • Product made in Germany
  • Quantity: 125ml

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    Lr Colostrum Direct Liquid

    Lr Colostrum Direct Liquid – Fast And Efficient!

    Lr Colostrum Direct Liquid is a high-quality premium product made on colostrum base that contains only the best of first milk. It consists exclusively of colostrum, the first breast milk after the birth of a cow calf.

    In a unique process, LR’s natural raw material is merely de cashed and de greased, unpasteurized. This preserves the sensitive ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.

    In addition, Colostrum Liquid is free of antibiotic residues and anabolic-androgenic steroids.

    Lr Colostrum Liquid contains no additives, colors or preservatives and is Made in Germany. For the production LR uses only excess colostrum of European cows, which is extensively tested in advance.

    The flawless quality of Lr Colostrum products is ensured by permanent controls – and confirmed by the INSTITUTE FRESENIUS quality seal, one of the toughest independent seal of approval on the market.


    Colostrum from Lr in the best quality


    How to use Colostrum Direct Liquid

    Once a day, 8 ml of pure or with cold fruit juice. Do not mix with hot drinks. Make sure you have a varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

    Store in a cool and dark area or refrigerator after opening.


    Did you know?

    Like any other natural resource, colostrum is subject to habitual fluctuations. So it may happen that taste or consistency of Colostrum Liquid vary. However, this has no effect on the quality and content of the valuable ingredients. LR guarantees this through seamless measurements and regular checks – eg. By the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

    In order to be able to meet the high quality demands and to consistently control all steps on the way to the final product, LR uses only the excess colostrum of European cows for its Colostrum products.


    Frequently asked questionsColostrum only from European kows

    What is colostrum?
    Colostrum is especially valuable for the cow calf due to its unique nutrients – a unique starter pack from Mother Nature without chemical additives. For the Colostrum products, LR uses only colostrum from cows from Europe and only from milk producing quality farms.

    What happens to the calves?
    The cow produces more colostrum than the calf needed. Only the surplus is used for the production of the Colostrum products.

    How is Colostrum made by LR?
    LR uses only the colostrum of the first hours after the birth of the calf. In these hours quality and sewing density are highest.
    The colostrum for the production of Colostrum Liquid is frozen immediately after extraction. During further processing, the raw material is degreased and decashed. The sensitive ingredients are very sensitive to heat. Therefore, LR prefers a cold manufacturing process, in which they are optimally protected.

    Why does Colostrum Direct Liquid sometimes show differences in color and turbidity?
    It is important to know that the cloudiness is not a quality defect. Since colostrum is a natural product, individual variability is normal.

    Our tips for storing Colostrum Direct Liquid:

    • Store in a dark and cool place
    • Store in the refrigerator after opening
    • Shake before consumption if turbidity occurs

    What characterizes the Colostrum products from LR?
    The Colostrum products from LR are the first Colostrum products on the market with the INSTITUTE FRESENIUS quality seal. Probably the toughest seal of quality at present confirms the very high quality level through independent, regular, covert inspections. Above-average costs for quality and safety guarantee a particularly high-quality product.

    LR uses only colostrum of cows from Europe for the Colostrum products. This means: high quality standard, also in the extraction, and shorter transport routes.

    For this purpose, LR uses only the excess milk of the first few hours, because it is the most nutritious. To ensure that Colostrum Liquid retains its high content of ingredients and is edible for humans, LR uses a gentle cold manufacturing process.

    Colostrum for kids and adults


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    Cow colostrum defatted and decaseinated.

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