Aloe Vera Men Set II

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Everything you need for the perfect shave

  • LR Aloe Vera Skin-soothing shaving gel for effective shaving without irritation
  • LR Aloe Vera After Shave Balm soothes the skin
  • LR Aloe Vera Anti-stress cream revitalizes the skin
  • Products made in Germany
  • High Quality

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    Aloe Vera Men Set II

    Aloe Vera Men Set II For Shaving Without Skin Irritation

    Aloe Vera Set for Men’s Care is perfectly matched to the special requirements of the male skin, thanks to its special combination of moisturizing Aloe Vera and soothing organic calendula extract. With this set you are perfectly equipped for a thorough shave without skin irritation.

    The effective LR Aloe Vera Anti Irritation Shaving gel makes shaving easier than ever, and is particularly effective. The hydrating ingredients of the shaving gel soften the beard hair and the razor slides easily over the skin. The light, gel consistency ensures a thorough and comfortable shave. Thanks to the soothing, cooling formula you experience a unique shave without stress or irritation.

    The Aloe Vera After Shave Balm is a soothing skin balm. Due to the 50% content in Aloe Vera and the white tea extract it contains, the balm soothes and offers effective hydration.

    The Aloe Vera Anti Stress Cream nourishes, refreshes and rejuvenates your skin in no time. With 50% Aloe Vera and white tea extract, your skin looks fresh and vivid. Suitable for daily face care.


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