Zeitgard Cleansing Set Classic

Zeitgard Cleansing Set Classic


  • Up to 10 times more effective facial cleansing * for another 3 months
  • 1 x Zeitgard Brush Head Classic
  • 3 x Cleansing Gel Classic
  • For daily facial skin cleansing
  • Made in Germany
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Zeitgard Cleansing Set Classic For further 3 months of deep pore clean skin

The Zeitgard Cleansing Set Classic have everything for another 3 months sensationally pure and timelessly beautiful skin. The set contains a replacement brush head for the Zeitgard Cleansing Device Classic. Its innovative blue-colored filaments (bristles) are rounded and gently and reliably rid the skin of the face of dirt and make-up. Thanks to the antibacterial, unique Microsilver technology, the brush head remains hygienic for up to 3 months.

The slightly foaming Zeitgard Cleansing System Gel Classic was specially developed for use with the Zeitgard Cleansing Device Classic. It does not splash or drip and leaves a refreshed skin feeling.

* Scientific study carried out by the renowned institute Dermatest GmbH. Application period: 6 weeks (end of January to beginning of March 2015), number of subjects: 40


How to use

Put two drops (2 pump strokes) of the cleaning product on the moistened brush. Massage with the cleaning brush for about 20 seconds per face (forehead / nose, one cheek and one chin each). Rinse thoroughly and cream. Wow!


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