YOS Pills Bottle Camo Green

YOS Pills Bottle Camo Green


  • Durable water bottle with pill box organizer
  • Made of food-grade plastic material
  • Available in 4 colors: Camo Green, Pretty Pink, Yummy Yellow, and Bold Blue
  • Pills bottle with 4 compartments
  • Eco-friendly and dishwasher-safe bottle
  • Measures 22.6 cm tall and 6.3 cm wide
  • Holds up to 375 ml
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Yos Pills bottle Camo Green

Yos Pills bottle Camo Green With 4 Compartments

You need water to take your pills. But when you’re out and about, you either have just your water bottle or your pill box. What if there’s a smart way to have both on hand?

With the Yos Pills Bottle Camo Green, you can stay on top of your supplements or medicines for the day - no more excuses! This water bottle and pill organizer in one makes it convenient for you to take your daily multivitamins, medicines, or food supplements anytime and anywhere.

The Yos Pills Bottle Camo Green comes with 4 compartments to hold the same number of capsules or tablets you need for different parts of the day. As for the water bottle, you can fill it up to 375 ml - that’s more than enough liquid to gulp down that pill. Plus, you can refill it anytime, too!

Made of eco-friendly and food-grade plastic, the Medicines  Bottle is safe for your health. Place it on your water bottle holder in the car, put it in your backpack or purse, and it’s good to go. And since it is air-tight and leak-free, this keeps the liquid right where it belongs.



How to use it

Fill up the Medicines Bottle with 375 ml water. Then, place one pill in each compartment, depending on how many you need to take for the day or week. Snap the lid securely and place the bottle in your bag or bottle holder in your car. And there you go - you can easily take your pills with water any time of the day you need to.

The Pill Bottle is dishwasher-safe for easy and quick cleanup. However, we advise you to wash the pill box manually.

This handy, durable, and great-looking Medicines Bottle does not only care for your health but also for the environment. Made of eco-friendly and sustainable materials. No unnecessary CO2 emissions were created throughout the manufacturing process.

So, fill it up, drink up, and feel great each time with the YOS Pills Bottle.


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